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Writers like Longboats Hughes and Counted Sullen promoted social equality through obscure themes and morals expressed in their writings.

The end of the movement varies from one artistic field to another. Starting with black literature, the Harlem Renaissance quickly grew to incredible proportions.

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He wrote many poems, and continued to write even after the Harlem Renaissance. With that growth also came population growth. The Harlem Renaissance of the s was plagued by poverty and racial inequality. Many authors today were inspired by those of the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes writes about how the African-American people have been all over the world. Locke wrote extensively on the subject, but the idea, in a nutshell was that the New Negro was no longer willing to submit to racial segregation and would, instead, be a vocal advocate for civil rights. Before you can even begin to tackle this essay, it is absolutely critical that you have an understanding of what Locke meant by the New Negro.

The reason why this film is so controversial is that it portrayed African Americans as not smart and also sexual violent, while portraying the KKK as a just and chivalrous force for good. It was a rapidly growing black metropolis, but its residents lived on the edge of poverty experiencing crimes, drug addiction and debts.

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The Arts: Although it was primarily a literary movement, the Harlem Renaissance was closely related to developments in African American music, theater, art, All of the musicians, writers, and artists shared a common purpose. It was a time of change. Influenced by radio, "talking" pictures, advertising and the rise of professional sports, society became dominated by a mass culture

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Harlem, where Blacks eventually became the majority. The movement's name is derived from its origin; Harlem New York. The base of the movement involved the Great migration of African Americans from poor to urban areas and from South to North. People who felt on the outside during their life tried in any way to be heard since their own thoughts were valuable when taking steps closer to equality. He saw Harlem turn into a place to be feared by many. The Harlem Renaissance is real. In Harlem a new black cultural identity began to emerged. Especially in Harlem where everything happened and was alive.
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