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Is he evil? He went to Canada, where he pretended to be an Englishman and joined the Canadian RAF training program, which he did not complete until after the Armistice. How many narrators are there, and what is their relationship to one another? Sutpen casts Milly and the child aside, telling them that they are not worthy of sleeping in the stables with his horse, who had just sired a male. The gaps and contradictions exposed by the multiple narrations beg epistemological questions concerning how we know what we know of historical matters. Why might Faulkner have chosen such a challenging narrative form, despite the difficulties it presents for his readers? In he arrives in Mississippi with a gang of Haitian slaves, cheats a Chickasaw Indian out of a hundred square miles of land, and begins with a ruthless and fanatical determination to build a mansion in the wilderness, to carve out a plantation, to gather wealth, to acquire a second wife and forge a dynasty that will carry on his name. Any reader bewildered by the opening pages of Absalom, Absalom! All of these novels question our assumptions about time as regular, linear, sequential, predictable. He proposes to Rosa Coldfield, his dead wife's younger sister, and she accepts.

Articles such as this one were acquired and published with the primary aim of expanding the information on Britannica. She explains to him that she has heard he is preparing to attend Harvard—perhaps he will have literary ambitions, and perhaps he would like to write down the story one day.

Quentin's father then fills in some of the details to Quentin. Three months later, when Rosa returns with medical help for Henry, Clytie mistakes them for law enforcement and starts a fire that consumes the plantation and kills Henry and herself.

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Which of these perspectives is more satisfying to you, and why? How would more direct intervention by an authorial voice change your experience? One night Ellen discovered her husband participating in a fight with a negro before a bloodthirsty crowd, with the children watching—Henry crying and upset, Judith who had snuck there to watch with a little negro girl in rapt attention.

But the son he left behind returns to haunt him.

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Absalom Absalom by Faulkner, First Edition