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Reader, a battlefield, after the battle, is a sad and sorrowful sight to look at. We will see them no more until the last reveille on the last morning of the final resurrection.

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When a brave soldier is killed he is at rest. I noticed that at the time and was surprised and hurt. They have accomplished all that could be required of them. It was they that did the shooting and killing, and if I could kill or wound a private, why, my chances were so much the better. I personally was touched by the deeply affectionate references to "Jennie," the woman with whom I share some small amount of blood.

A private could not resign, nor choose his branch of service, and if he deserted, it was death. The absence of slavery from the memoir is staggering, particularly considering Watkins' background.

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They lie where they fell. It is always, at best, one of privations and hardships.

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The private's pay was eleven dollars per month, if he got it; the general's pay was three hundred dollars per month, and he always got his. H until he was wounded through the knee and subsequentially captured by the Federal troops the battle of Perryville. In20 years after the war began, Watkins wrote his memoirs of the war, recounting his engaging saga in "Co.

Selected excerpts from his engaging narrative on the war provide a glimpse into the life of the common Confederate soldier.

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Samuel R. Watkins