Affirmative action produces double standard in college admission essay

It is also time to look seriously at the impact on Asians many of them immigrants or the children of immigrants of the advantage enjoyed by legacy admissions and wealthy families who are likely to give significant donations. One star swimmer got in with a combined SAT of out ofthe maximum possible at the time.

Despite the growth of the Asian American population in America in recent years, the proportion of Asian American admits has remained stagnant.

Affirmative action produces double standard in college admission essay

The paper is a vital resource for new immigrants, providing information about voting, garbage pickup, and civic rights. The Department of Education dismissed the complaint, but the Department of Justice opened an investigation in Seattle School District No. Connerly, a prominent anti-affirmative action activist, is pushing for bans on racial, and ethnic preferences for public college admissions. But the data collected by the Education Department contained some explosive information. Not after seeing the determination and resourcefulness that universities and politicians have shown—both in Texas since the decision and in California where the voters have outlawed racial preferences —in finding ways to recruit and admit substantial numbers of well-qualified black and Hispanic applicants without overt racial preferences. The story quickly traveled from BuzzFeed to the New York Times , both of which portrayed the availability of the records as a revelation. Although perspectives on affirmative action vary across the spectrum, the national debate on race demonstrates how race can either be used as a factor that encourages equality of opportunity or subverts it. Zhao arrived in the United States in , and focussed on graduate school in urban affairs and business, finding a job, his visa and citizenship, and family life. The editors noted that the claim for affirmative action was intended to break the patterns and effects of slavery, discrimination, and racism to all minorities. Cases like these, which involve college admissions, tend to draw headlines.

On the one hand, reaffirming Bakke would ratify the status quo. Events like these, which went largely unnoticed by the press, began to reshape how Chinese immigrants understood affirmative action. And what should the Bush Administration—which would like to finesse the politically explosive racial-preference debate but may be forced by events to take a stand—ask them to rule?

Throughout the seventies, higher education and business were expansive in their duty to act affirmatively—an effort supported by both Republicans and Democrats. Despite average ratings on every metric, she was admitted, the Education Department files show.

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The suit poses questions about what a truly diverse college class might look like, spotlighting a group that is often perceived as lacking internal diversity.

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