Balanced scorecard research papers

Ittner, C. Kaplan Happy customers are good, but profitable customers are much better.

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In this article, professor and Balanced Scorecard guru Robert S. Managing value creation within the firm: An examination of multiple performance measures, Journal of Management Accounting Research, 16, Formal and informal management control combinations in sales organizations: The impact on salesperson consequences. Jones, A. Working Paper Introduced by Harvard Business School professor Robert Kaplan and colleague David Norton, the Balanced Scorecard has been used by thousands of organizations to align business activities with the strategy. Bryant, L. There has been comparatively little research, however, on the potential learning and feedback role of balanced scorecards. Cravens, D. Case studies and theory development in the social sciences. A Balanced Scorecard approach can help boards use their limited time effectively.

The results also suggest that Store24 executives eventually learned about problems with the strategy despite a lack of reliance on such formal analysis. Numerous case studies of balanced scorecard implementations document their use in translating organizational strategies to objectives and measures, communicating strategic objectives to employees, evaluating the performance of business units, and aligning the incentives of employees across business units and functions.

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Mixing qualitative and quantitative methods: triangulation in action, Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. An analysis of customer satisfaction, Journal of Accounting Research, vol. Johnson, H. Kaplan and David P. Kaplan, R. George, A. Better strategic relationships with partners. Nagel The authors review the key roles of corporate boards and recommend a Balanced Scorecard approach to help boards work smarter, not harder. G, Low, G. Kaplan Benchmarks have their virtues, but professor Robert S.

Dow Jones, Nova York, Irwin. Narayanan To what extent do balanced scorecards provide useful information for testing and validating an organization's strategy?

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Strategy: Seeking and Securing Competitive Advantage. Erasmo Escala - Santiago, Chile. Building theories from case study research. A Nistor, C. G, Low, G. Jones, A. Norton "Most organizations attempt to create synergy, but in a fragmented, uncoordinated way," say HBS professor Robert S. Balanced Scorecards in Finnish companies: A research note. Management Accounting Research, 12, Better strategic relationships with partners. Anthony, R. Closed for comment; 0 Comment s posted. Gomes, J.

Management Accounting, 3rd edition. Three dimensions of formal and informal feedback in management accounting. The concept of corporate strategy.

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Balanced Scorecard Research Papers