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Plagiarized entries will be rejected. Periodical Essay Writing Contest. The deadline for submissions is July 31st Include the word count on the title page. Essays must be written by one person.

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First Place. By entering the competition, you agree to the terms of the competition, and you agree to us processing and using your personal data for the purposes described in the terms—including to administer the contest, to attribute winning entries and runners-up publicly and for promotional purposes.

June 30, p.

International essay contest

There are an incredible amount of talented young men and women out there, and we want to hear from them! Letters to the editor Jan. Every part of the world has its own culture. Is it necessary to attach a certificate of academic attendance? The winning essay will be published on The Economist's Open Future website and the winner will be invited to attend one of the three Open Future Festival events, to be held in Hong Kong , Manchester and Chicago on Saturday October 5th Winners will be announced on this website on October 31, Analyze moral behavior and become better educated about contemporary moral issues 2. Include the submission form with your essay. Perhaps new thinking is needed, since previous attempts to deal with the problem have failed. It is not necessary to submit a certificate of academic attendance; however, you must specify the university and academic program which you are attending. Theme: "The Role of Science in Building a Better World" Scientific progress has brought many benefits to humanity, while some applications of science have had adverse impacts.

The winner of the essay Blake Mycoskie is someone who I admire who made a big change in his life to make the world better. October 29th, in Opportunities.

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We want this exploration of ideas to involve our critics as well as our supporters. It is open to people between 16 and 25 years old.

Culture includes the arts, traditions and customs of a country or region, as well as the wisdom, values, lifestyles and trends of the people living there. Please note, however, that only the essay itself will be considered in the selection process.

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Essay contest : How to Build a better Future for Latin America