British airways cultural practice analysis

Another block to change is resistance; this usually occurs when employees and other individuals feel that their powers and privileges are being threatened by change. This is because, there was stiff competition and higher operation costs impeded cultural change in the organization. Organizations should know that enhancing change is a process that requires setting realistic objectives along with expectations.

Empowering employees is another way of managing change process. Without dialogue, though costs might be reduced and productivity increased but change process will not last for a longer time.

Prior experience; according to Daryl 67, promoting change in an organization entails a lot of complex dealings. As a result, products from British Airline were of poor quality.

British airways cultural practice analysis

Then, I will give my opinion on how I would have handled the change presented in the case study from the perspective as a consultant retained by BA. During this period, external markets were more stable and predictable and there was no real need for BA to adopt competitive strategies, being that there was little competition from rivals.

british airways human resource management

Managers should not take change process as being one way, feedbacks from different employees is a very integral part of change management process.

Zatz par 4 adds that, merging is very demoralizing.

British airways transformation

As a result, the company ended up spending more on this process. This means that every employee is responsible and accountable to all activities taking place in the organization. Campbell-smith, Duncan. Zatz, David. London: Pan Books, Moreover, realistic plans are required to consider staff time for change committee meetings, organization activities as well as the responsibility of change coordinator. Despite of all these changes and improvements, the company still faced change and institutionalization problems. Financial constrains; budgetary allocations as well as conflicts over limited resources can create lots of frictions along with morale loss.
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Cultural change in British Airways