Doris is coming by zz packers

For Colored Girls… shows that those in an oppressed community in an oppressive society should hold onto the message of hope and understand that their community is founded upon shared hardships.

What makes her body of work unique is not this idea, but the route in which the vigilante takes. The story took place in a time where the African American people were fighting for equality, and receive equal right as the white people.

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Packer dazzles with her command of language-surprising and delighting us with unexpected turns and indelible images, as she takes us into the lives of characters on the periphery, unsure of where they belong. Packer focuses on the beginning of the butterfly effect to give the implication that after comfort is given to the oppressed through community, revolution is what comes next.

In what ways are these apparently dissimilar worlds alike? Why does this scene affect him so strongly? The author makes sure to carefully present the uncomfortable aspects of what it is to be a young black female in a system that has forced them to the outskirts of society. Each story within the book shares structure and presentation, but differs in the situations and their outcome. Do these various settings relate to a larger them in the collection? What is that meanness? The shock that follows her comment forces her into weekly meetings with a psychiatrist, as well as a single room, instead of the typical dorm room. Instead these characters embark on a journey of even deeper critical awareness. Instead of finding comfort in the idea of community, she gives readers the idea that they should use their oppression as fuel for finding power in fighting the patriarchy that has been set in place. She shows through peaceful confrontations the benefit that an oppressive communal experience can create by having individuals enter the world with an awareness of the constructs around them. The pre-revolution comfort serves as the next phase in critical awareness for a community. Both authors utilize their position in showing the readers the problems, solutions and coping needed for the results of intersecting gender and class and what that means for the black woman. In For Colored Girls… Shange has allowed readers to witness the necessity of community and reliance when dealing with the harm of being subject to generalizations.

It introduces us to an arresting and unforgettable new American voice. What situations, problems, and themes recur in the collection?

Doris is coming by zz packers
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Packer blends race, lessons and craft