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Let me know what you think about this article. Sustainable use of resources: Minimum use of energy and resources is planned in the process of waste management. Waste Management is a big industry as it contains various stages and procedures. Today the landfills are also considered as the reason for global warming and that is the reason that numerous nations are thinking again about the use of landfills.

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Incineration of landfills, as a method of waste management, should be the last resort, as they cause air pollution. Depending on the different types and nature of wastes, their management differs.

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By law, you should implement this hierarchy and segregation helps with recycling in particular. For this, we have to learn to segregate our wastes on a daily basis. There is the need for planning and implementation of the many processes and activities involved in the management of waste. There are a number of important reasons that we encourage waste segregation; legal obligations, cost savings and protection of human health and the environment. Apart from common wastes, there are also hazardous wastes that require special treatment. The complete waste management system and the process of reducing, recycling and reusing in an effective manner needs a lot of funding and investment. For student privacy, information is kept confidential and can only be seen by people who…. In India, solid waste management system has failed to keep pace with social and economic development in several regions. Health: If human beings are exposed to waste, the health of humans can be affected negatively and can result in a lot of diseases and illness. But it cannot be forgotten. But for the same, the wastes need to bio degradable. E-waste parts contain poisonous materials and are non-biodegradable which present both word related and ecological wellbeing dangers including harmful smoke from reusing procedures and draining from e-waste in a landfill into neighbourhood water tables. Wastes are generated on an exponential rate when compared with the rate at which we dispose waste. Waste to Energy: Under this procedure of waste management, non-biodegradable wastage is transformed into the sources of energy like fuel, heat, or electricity.

As managing waste is a massive process it begins by keeping your surroundings clean and the rest will be taken care of by waste management units. The depth of the existing landfills will be also curbed, thereby cutting down whatever is toxic to the environment.

It includes all types of waste right from the household waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, sludge, health care waste and waste due to commercialization.

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