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You could assume that their success was based on their buildings and equipment and try to duplicate them. It also uses analytics to produce more effective workforce planning, which is essential in a rapidly growing and changing firm. Google''s HR practices clearly reveal the impressive results of the company''s approach, which help in increasing employee productivity. All of these perks create a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce with high company morale. Google is headquartered at Mountain View California. Innovation is the norm at Google, followed in every aspect of business including performance management. Googlers enjoy those amenities any time they want—even in the middle of the workday. Calculating the value of top performers. Google Supports Flexibility Another way to prevent burnout by giving employees more control is to allow for flexibility in work schedules. Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga help to inspire its workers. Google has an extraordinary focus on increasing collaboration between employees from different functions. To fix the problem, a senior leader at Google shared the data with Google employees, and HR teams encouraged managers to look for employees who were ready for promotion. While most companies may not have the same resources available to them as Google, there are still many lessons that can be learned from their innovative HR process. Because its audiences are highly analytical as most executives are , it uses data to change present opinions and to influence.

This data helped Google identify an area with tremendous potential for improving engagement. Proving the value of top performers convinces executives to provide the resources necessary to hire, retain and develop extraordinary talent.

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One of the earliest findings from gDNA results was that the idea of work-life balance is flawed. Unfortunately, making that transition to an innovative firm is problematic because almost every current HR function operates under 20th century principles of past practices, efficiency, risk avoidance, legal compliance and hunch-based people management decisions. Productivity matters at Google and so there is a lot of investment behind hiring each new employee. But remember that the only way to benefit from giving employees a voice is to respond and react to their suggestions. It is wildly successful because it attracts and retains extraordinary talent, and it can expand and grow because it can attract that talent in any new field or job family. Improving diversity. Like the New York Yankees in baseball or Barcelona in football, Google is a talent magnet across the board. Leadership characteristics and the role of managers. Tell people what you learned and how you plan to resolve the issues. It has been named the No. Over time, the promotion rates for men and women software engineers equalized. How culturally compatible you are with Google decides how well you will perform once you are inside. The Stanford MS program is designed to cater to the needs of engineers needing technical expertise in a specific area. Thousands of randomly selected Google employees complete the survey each year. This data helped Google identify an area with tremendous potential for improving engagement.

Google has even been recognized by Randstad as one of the best seen employers in and won a R andstad Award for Employer Branding in Switzerland in It conducts applied experiments within Google to determine the most effective approaches for managing people and maintaining a productive environment including the type of reward that makes employees the happiest.

The recruitment team has members in roles like recruiting research analysts, candidate developers, process coordinators, candidate screeners and several others.

The PiLab. Google once again received this accolade for However, each one of those business decisions is made by an employee.

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Like everything at Google, happiness levels too, are monitored and researched; with data driving new directions and policies. With a team of psychologists, researchers, and data scientists, your HR team could recreate gDNA at your business.

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Google's HR Policies & Practices