Guidelines on writing a charter

All the risks should be highlighted in this part of the charter. This is important in providing you with clear guidelines on how to undertake the project effectively. Check out this example of a charter that outlines responsibilities that are delegated and reserved by the charter.

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Crucial Documentation All documents that are relevant and crucial to the outworking of the project should be listed here. It assesses performance and ensures adherence to the standards.

Membership The charter should have a section that defines the size and composition of who should serve on the committee.

Project charter example

This documentation will help any party that reviews the project charter to understand key dimensions of the project. It is important for you to note that the problem that the project is going to solve should be one that is socially beneficial to a large group of individuals as this is what the key stakeholders are mostly interested in. Project milestones In this section, stipulate the estimated time and date for the start or completion of a crucial step of the project such as the invoicing, project analysis dates and also the start and end dates. Formalities Charters should list who authored the charter. How to write a project charter A project charter, just like any other document, most especially official documents, has specifications or guidelines on how it should be written. Time frame — this section sets out the preliminary project time frame. Deliverables — a concise description of the high level deliverables required by the client, project sponsor or stakeholders at the successful completion of the project. How will you measure this success? The project management charter acts as a bridge between the parties executing a project and the parties that will be served by the project.

They have been in existence for a while now, and different firms may call them by other names. These goals should give a vivid idea to any reader of how the project will be considered successful and how the success will be measured.

Type of Committee and Area of the Program This section should state whether the committee is a standing committee or a special committee.

Most importantly, align the project management charter with the underlying business objective that has to be achieved.

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How to Write a Project Charter: Writing Guide