How can i write a review on etsy

how to leave a review on etsy without an account

We use 4 business days for domestic orders within any country and 10 business days for international shipments. Keep in mind that if an order or transaction is canceled, Etsy considers that order or transaction to be over and voided. Reviews Unable to Leave a Review Buyers have a calendar day window for leaving reviews.

Reviews on Etsy can only be left for items that have been sold through Etsy. Learn more about when you can leave a review. Find the item you want to review.

how to leave a review on etsy without buying

Shipping time The shipping time is the number of days it takes the order to ship to the buyer. Click Post your review. Often, conflicts on Etsy are simply the result of a misunderstanding. You also have the opportunity to share your comments about the transaction.

Note that you have days to leave feedback after the conclusion of a sale. Also, reviews cannot be left or edited for canceled transactions once the cancellation is processed, which takes 48 hours after the seller cancels.

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How to Leave a Review on Etsy