How to write a palanca letter to my son

how to write a letter to my son

But with the excitement, there must also be a degree of trepidation about having to take responsibility for your academic future, about stepping into the adult world and all the inherent responsibility that those steps bring.

I silently walked upstairs and hand-delivered it to his lap. Excuse me as I get a tissue.

birthday letter to my teenage son

I know I am strict with you and I do discipline you when you cannot discipline yourself. Giving him a chance to regroup without the additional stimulation of my harsh, stern voice worked wonders for both of us.

My son needed to be dealt with for his behavior and, quite frankly, I knew he was not in a space to hear any sounds much less my sermon.

letter to my teenage son from mom

Our Dad and Me camping trip was a lot of fun and I learned so much about you. YOU will make mistakes…and it will be ok…. I don't want you to look back and regret some actions or inactions that would limit what you can become or limit what you deserve.

Confirmation letter to my son

She works at a local farm. There is so much fear in this world. Indeed, God answered my prayer when He blessed me with you. After several breaths and some soft music of my choice, I wrote the letter below. I am very, very sorry. To make up for my typed letter, I designed it naman. Teaching you how to communicate your emotions. I am here to tell you that.
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Dear Jacob: An Open Letter to My 15 Year Old Son