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Does it reflect a real desire that others share? Form these points into a manifesto that can be shared in class. How to Write a Purpose Statement: Characteristics of Purpose statements are most compelling when they are written in the present tense, as if though the desired outcome is already happening.

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Here we share an example that was offered to the participants. For bigger initiatives, you can make your public declaration on your website, through social media, or as an announcement to the press or at a public event. Once you've written the draft version, set it aside for a day or two.

She followed a similar process as outlined above to write a statement that reflected who she wanted to become.

Political party manifesto examples

Try to reach out to and appeal to those students who you want to vote for you! Statements help clarify what you really want; they align team members and inspire action; they empower and elevate. If proofreading isn't your forte, try using an automated proofreader. Using the notes you made, create a rough draft of your manifesto. Write a Rough Draft. Check that you haven't exceeded the word limit - if you have, your words will be cut off at Manifesto Summary — Main RUSU Elections only If you are standing in the Main RUSU Elections these take place in the Spring term , you will need to also write another 50 words to summarise your manifesto. Find the right channels to Publicize your statement based on the focus and scope of your initiative. If you are standing in the RUSU main elections, don't forget to write your 50 word summary in 3 bullet point format underneath your manifesto! Site Footer. By causing people to evaluate the gap between those principles and their current reality, the manifesto challenges assumptions, fosters commitment, and provokes change.

If working alone, you can brainstorm on a notepad or on your computer. Sometimes we call them aspirational statements, or provocative propositions.

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