Humans are selfish by nature discuss

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Both cooperation and selfishness may be important behaviorsmeaning that species may be most successful if they have some individuals that exhibit each behavior, Weissing told Live Science.

Reich and Jane Mansbridge have grappled with the significance of the self-interest paradigm for political philosophy, for example. Businesses really did cooperate, extending each other reciprocal credit, until liquidation loomed.

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Then he imagined what things would be like without a government. If practitioners may now turn to economics to learn that the conscious pursuit of self-interest is often incompatible with its attainment, so much the better—for economics.

Frank, a Cornell University professor, spent ten years performing the comparatively humdrum duties of a teacher before going to Washington, D. Others said that humans are not as selfish as Hobbes thought. Gary Becker, the foremost of the theorists who extended economic analysis into new areas, some years ago staked the claim that economics was the universal social science that could explain everything.

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The study of cooperation was well established and growing, Axelrod said; cooperative behavior could be taught.

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How Selfish Are People