Igc3 report

Igc3 report

A detailed noise assessment can be conducted to identify whether noise can be controlled at source or at recipient level. In the work site workers are using hand jacker to cut the concrete slab, were exposed to vibration. No signs Re-induct all workers and staff and cascade Two weeks provided. Informed about this hazard and risk to the management and give valuable recommendation to the management for improving their health and safety culture in the site. There are about permanent staff rest are on contract basis; these are mostly workers and supervisors. It would further recommended that you propose further training and supervision levels to provide a long term solution and change the stack culture which appears to have evolved over a period of time. Immediate joints. Escape route evacuation plan. Control measures — write min.

Make aware and give training about vehicle hazards. I observed various range of hazards like chemical hazards, vehicle hazards and serious electrical hazards. They were not using appropriate PPEs such as rubber hand gloves, chemical aprons, respiratory masks, chemical mask etc.

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L- Monitor the effectiveness through 5 months interviews during safety inspections. Training should provide to the worker on awareness on the hazards of the equipment.

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Awareness training to the workers about the hazards associated with chemical agents is recommended. External training can be arranged for selected peoples. L- Develop safe storage of 3 months engineering chemicals with provision of secondary containment and local ventilation. Recommendations: Mention the highly prioritized recommendations from the observation sheet. The disk may contact with body of the person that may cause abrasion and that leads to major injuries. Immediate is going on there near to the operation administration. I am observed that each floor have fire fighting lines, sprinklers and smoke detectors. More importantly, management should considered reducing the solvent stock and store as minimum solvent as reasonably possible. In the construction area one worker doing a painting work at 6th floor outer side of building. To give a training, instruction, information and supervision properly. L- Maintain compliance and health screening records.

A large number of small faults were combined with some more serious situations. These improvements will cost the company not more than Do the major parts of welding at separate place and assemble can be done at required area.

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Provide safety foot wears for housekeeping while working. Immediate action: To providers of the vehicle side mirrors on all blind corners and banks man.

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I am observed in a construction site area there are nearly 10 LPG gas cylinders are stored.

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