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It takes commitment to what you are doing and giving it your very best. The right not to be shamed.

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I was so shocked and amused when I witnessed what young adults like me were doing in the slums of Kampala. It was Kima that taught him how to use his instrument for other things besides music. It used to get to me. He said it would help me finish every note. However, a gentleman, above all, must brush aside petty differences and questions of character when the opportunity to pay homage to the immensity of artistic talents presents itself. Even shorter than Linda I am not a dwarf so where I sat I felt she was talking to me. Because mine is very obvious. The result is hungry children not going to school and eventually ending up on the streets. I AM the Treehorns! Certain facts show on the mark, Jackie is a true fucking talent. Then he has the nerve to kick me out of the band?

Unconfirmed reports of illicit affairs and the release of several sex tapes have done little to deter the love the two share. I didn't think I could change a life at this early age because I thought I didn't have enough money to do that. Being short is a blessing for me. I figured, how hard could it be to form a band?

I believe that blessing someone's life is a blessing not only to them but to me also. As pets. Just to get an opportunity to change a heart, change a life and to change a family, those smiles give me life!

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Fundraise for our projects There are a number of ways through which you can fundraise for our projects. When she was explaining the situation to me, her final comments got to me. Plain and simple. After he became a friend and a brother to me, he shared with me the vision of 92 Hands and I felt like becoming part of it too. Donate Work side-by-side with the 92hands team, donate towards any of our different projects and together we break the cycle of poverty in the poorest slums. He had never listened to good music until I played Rust Never Sleeps for him. How rad is that? It feels really good to bring them joy.

They want to hurt me to protect themselves. She provides general financial guidance and support.

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It's All About Me: A Tribute to Jackie • Jackie and The Treehorns