Ivan iv the terrible czar of

Their symbols were a dog's head and a broom. Initially his mother Elena Glinskaya acted as regent.

Ivan iv the terrible czar of

In they even made it to Moscow and burned everything except the Kremlin. Miles of fertile land had been abandoned during the terror of the oprichniki.

Basil's Cathedral inseveral years after Ivan's death. Introops under the leadership of Yermak crossed over the Ural Mountains.


After his advance was stalled near Murom, Safa Giray was forced to withdraw to his own borders. The price of grain increased by a factor of ten. Upon Ivan's death, the ravaged kingdom was left to his unfit and childless son Fyodor.

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During his reign hardly a family of noble birth had not been affected by his murders. His son, also named Ivan, upon learning of this, engaged in a heated argument with his father which resulted in the son's accidental death. Ivan's murder of his son brought about the extinction of the Rurik Dynasty and the Time of Troubles. As the Oprichnina continued, Ivan became more mentally unstable and physically disabled. He introduced laws that would eventually lead to the serfdom of the Russian peasant population. As warfare dragged on, with no land gained for Russia, the economy was put under a huge strain. He had a hard childhood Ivan's father died in , when the heir was only three years old. Ivan had at least six wives—including five in a period of just nine years—and his marriages frequently ended in the poisoning or imprisonment of his spouse. Under its terms Russia lost all its gains in Livonia, and an armistice with Sweden in compelled Russia to give up towns on the Gulf of Finland.

At the age of 3 he became Grand Prince of Moscow when his father died. Before him all rulers of Muscovy were Grand Princes. At the same time he was extremely cruel and vindictive a trait which particularly manifested itself during the Oprichninapersonally giving orders for the most sophisticated executions.

Ivan the great

Leaderless, the Muscovites pleaded for his return. Ivan is interred in the royal crypt at the cathedral of St. All towns between Moscow and Novgorod were plundered. He waged wars Ivan spent all his rule warring, trying to expand the country's territory. Where is Ivan the Terrible buried? The government also introduced extensive self-government, with district administrators elected by the local gentry. One known oprichnik was the German adventurer Heinrich von Staden. Expansion of Russia to the East image from simvolika. Sack of Novgorod[ edit ] Main article: Massacre of Novgorod Conditions under the Oprichnina were worsened by the epidemic, a plague that killed 10, people in Novgorod, and —1, daily in Moscow. At the age of 3 he became Grand Prince of Moscow when his father died.

All towns between Moscow and Novgorod were plundered. What had been by far the richest area of Russia became the poorest. Among those executed were the Metropolitan Philip and the prominent warlord Alexander Gorbaty-Shuisky.

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Ivan IV of Russia