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The characters in this film Hausmann, V. Angela is performing with her cheerleading squad at her high school, whilst all the families are watching. Common to the three looks is the idea that "looking" generally is seen as an active male role, while being looked at is generally seen as a passive female role, usually presented as a female characteristic.

female gaze laura mulvey

It is clear from the research carried in the paper that the characters are affected by society in a way which deceives them into living in an repressed nature, manufacturing hopes and dreams which all society has created for them, it is until the end of the films the characters finally realize this.

I related to the spectators look to quite an extent, even as a heterosexual female.

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Post your questions in the comments section below. Simulacra And Simulation. The man's gaze has found something more interesting and he has chosen to ignore the woman's comment. Suddenly, the whole thing is a wildly and shamelessly erotic striptease. The sequence that follows is indicative of the male gaze, as it clearly elicits identification of the viewer with the heterosexual male protagonist and the objectification of the female character. Lacan and Miller The final stage of Lacans theory is The symbolic order, This is when signs and language become meaningful this is when we learn the rules of society such as linguistic communication, ideological conventions and acceptance of the dictates of society. The shots slowly zoom in on Angelas intense stare, which we immediately perceive as provocative from the heterosexual male perspective, and Lesters mouth, which now hangs agape. She is the one, or rather the love or fear she inspires in the hero, or else the concern he feels for her, who makes him act the way he does.

Men and Masculinities 7. Capitalism And Modern Social Theory. In fact, for Gamman, "the female gaze cohabits the space occupied by men, rather than being entirely divorced from it". The camera zooms in on both Angela and Lester in different shots to show who is looking at who.

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The American dream has an effect on the characters in the film leading them into false hopes and loss of identity.

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