Legalization of all drugs persuasion

It is simply not practical, or necessary, to try to bring people over to the legalization side all at once. All that matters to them is that the law punish people who engage in an activity that other people say is harmful.

drug legalization essay

This is impressive, but it is not certain that the results should be generalized. The world is a dangerous place, sex work is a dangerous profession and people today have a right to be safe from harm and threats. Surely we have already slid down enough slippery slopes in the last 30 years without looking for more such slopes to slide down.

First, the patients are self-selected: they have some motivation to change, otherwise they would not have attended the clinic in the first place. Judo is better than boxing. And this is despite the fact that 14 percent of the gross domestic product of the United States to say nothing of the efforts of other countries goes into the fight against death.

Just to provide jobs to people in law enforcement, the judiciary, and the prison industry?

Legalization of all drugs persuasion

Pharmacies and other reputable businesses would begin selling drugs.

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Don’t Legalize Drugs