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For mean they are engines, financial example uxbridge college in developing this services and only london but mercedes is in business. They both product. Understand the role of advertising agencies and the media 3. The word better promotes something new, something exciting, and something that everyone wants.

You must give clear and relevant examples to demonstrate applied learning. This is special offers for Mercedes. Related Papers. So it will everywhere.

The word better promotes something new, something exciting, and something that everyone wants. Uxbridge College pulls in understudy utilizing their image and Mercedes. The segmentation and targeting of groups of customers is a key marketing technique in both business and consumer markets. Both college as it helps customers. Your presentation must include detailed consideration of how the organisation collects data through market research and turns it into useful information to help it analyse and plan marketing activities. The constraints under which organisations operate are important and learners will study the legal requirements and voluntary codes that affect marketing. This will get you P3 ii Marketing Research and Marketing Planning You must be able to show understanding of how different types of marketing research contribute to effective planning. Mercedes which is in uxbridge found by karl benz and The similarities are uxbridge and hayes. Mercedes is a vehicle related company and Uxbridge College is an educational organisation. Uxbridge College provide some fee discounts to the international students who already studied in the college previous year to stronger the relationship whereas Mercedes company provide gift hampers and special discounts to stronger the relationship with their customers. You should have conducted your own market research to identify your target audience. For or product to a new market. Similarly, Mercedes uses product development by selling or offering their newer version of Mercedes Benz vans, buses, coaches, trucks, luxury vehicles as, internal combustion engines, to their customers in german and across the globe which is an existing market. Both utilize their brands in various markets.

Their logo is recognised beverages and are known as the monopoly of more than the Christian cross so when their market, this means that people will people go abroad they recognise the recognise their logo the majority of the time brand and are drawn to it instantly. For instance Both the They ask student associations research on their what they need from customer and attempt to college and attempt satisfy their desires through to satisfy their exploration and study.

btec business level 3 unit 3 introduction to marketing p1
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