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Best Takeaway from this Project Finance book A rare treatise on project analysis and financing, usually considered two completely different though interconnected fields of study.

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In addition to cash flow predictability, long term project have to be taken into account as well, usually through long - term supplier contracts with price adjustments measured on predicted inflation rates.

The book is precise, clear and straight to the point and best of all every fact stated is backed by a relevant example. Hence giving a precise illustration of project financing techniques and tools.

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In that, people will always go for the books that have been written by a seasoned subject matter expert who is well known and respected everywhere. For instance, a windpark project should always consider a yearly amount of money which is used for maintenance and repair.

Cooperate and Project Finance Modelling by Edward Bodmer This is an ultimate guide that will effectively show you the way when it comes to project finance and corporate modeling. The SPV enters into separate agreements with the lending banks, with contractors, that are responsible for building the project, with potential purchasers of the project output and with insurances.

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