My brother sam is dead writing assignment

Begin with an introductory paragraph in which you express your frustration, fear, and sorrow about the circumstances affecting you and your mother's situation.

He signed this affidavit in Smith was sent by Governor Gage to confiscate guns and ammunition stockpiled in and around Concord, Massachusetts. The authors of this book were careful to use actual historical events in order to portray the people of the time as realistically as possible.

What do you learn about sam in the first chapter

What calamity happens as Tim and his father head home? Why, in spite of his attitude, does Tim begin to lie to his father? What's ironic about Mr. Rogers, and Jerry Sanford? Would your ending be realistic and historically accurate? Students can brainstorm with partners or small groups but must complete their own organizer for this assignment. Have you ever been in a highly dangerous situation? Francis Smith Document. Why does this suspense make you want to read on? Introduction The historical novel My Brother Sam Is Dead is set at the very beginning of the American Revolution in the colony of Connecticut in April ; the story concludes in , several years before the war ended. What finally happens to Sam? Sam was executed by his fellow-soldiers. Questions for Chapters Epilogue 1. They will copy those important words into the box on the right. What does the message really say?

Literary Elements 8. Should I always tell the truth, or are there times when it's okay to lie? Explain the purpose and use of ellipses. Related documents.

why do you think tim couldn t answer the question about being a tory or a patriot

This is done by having the students follow along silently while the teacher begins reading aloud. Summary Organizer: Lt. If Sam had to die, you'd expect that he'd be killed by his enemies. Why does Tim try to avoid Mr. In what ways does Tim show that he's grown up?

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My Brother Sam Is Dead Vocabulary List