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To reach the high levels of education that India wishes to achieve, we must first focus on primary education. He wrote revolutionary articles urging the youth of the country to join the freedom movement and adopted the pen name Azad Free thus earning him the name Maulana Azad.

While the Right to Education is now a fundamental right since the Parliament passed the 86th Constitutional amendment inthere is still no redressal mechanism when this right is violated.

national education day is celebrated on every year

The paper shocked the conservatives and created a furore. The events for National Education Day can be organized by schools any day as per their schedule.

international education day

Two exemplary personalities, their notable role during the freedom struggle and emphasis on public welfare, equality, education and justice will never be forgotten. The final details of the policy were being fine-tuned, he said at the National Academic Meet organized in Kerala.

This shall also be addressed by the new policy said the minister. Azad became the leader of the 'Khilafat Movement' in As the Congress president from to and under his leadership the Quit India rebellion was launched.

Azad became the most prominent Muslim leader to oppose the creation of Pakistan He passed away on 22 February in New Delhi.

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These events are likely to include various seminars, workshops, and meets.

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National Education Day: 10 inspirational quotes from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad