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Othello becomes full of anger and jealousy and kills Desdemona.

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From the baby dolls needing care and EZ Bake Oven toys, little girls are encouraged at an early onset to lead domesticated lives. Show More Analysis of Othello Othello begins on a street in Venice, in the midst of an argument between Roderigo, a rich man, and Iago. Like Iago, other Venetians resort to racial slurs to deal with their own feelings of inferiority or powerlessness. Through the whole first act you can picture a man so much power and natural leadership and when he changes you cannot believe it. Most of the characters in Othello were influenced by a form of manipulation. Shakespeare has presented Iago as a kind and noble soldier he has also been known as honest Iago, this showing that everyone is not as what they seem on the outside. In any case, a great villain must leave the reader with a respect for their methods and a question about their motives.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. His evil disguised plan works on foolish Othello and Cassio, who foolishly trust Iago. One of the most famous plays by Shakespeare, Othello, can be seen in bits of the story Tom Thumb, in which Fielding most definitely ridicules the famous play Othello is also a victim of jealousy in this play.

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Iago is involved in much of this, creating lies and implementing confusing situations. Othello is the story of love, deception, and power The main protagonist of the play, Othello, is the perfect example of a tragic hero. This whole conversation has turned my mind into mush. I like the work well. Othello and Cassio both get exploited by Iago because they both find honest, good friend and have a hard time judging character. He is masked with jealousy to which he wants everyone else to feel. There has been accusations made against Othello, so in a room filled with signors, masters, the Duke, and Brabanzio, Othello has a strategy of battlement in his own way

The main antagonist of the play, Iago, appears to have the trust and friendship of every character,as the are unaware of his grim intentions. You must feel sorrow for Othello because with all the power he has and the endless trust he gives, you try to reach out and show him the truth.

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Iago uses both Cassio and Othello to his advantage, noticing how trustworthy they are of him. Othello later finds that Desdemona was not unfaithful and commits suicide.

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