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Are you? The head of the forensic team examining Oetzi, Rainer Henn, 64, died in a car crash on the way to give a lecture about the iceman. Who died and how? He did not have the 12th rib pair.

DW recommends. And the man who filmed Oetzi's removal from his icy mountain grave, celebrated Austrian journalist Rainer Hoelzl, 47, died of a brain tumor.

The mummy was carbon dated and was found to be from the Neolithic Age, which was around 3, to 3, B. But when that man was a scientist connected to the discovery of a 5,year-old frozen corpse known as Oetzi the Iceman -- and the seventh such person to die within a year -- talk about a curse is inevitable.

Loy "didn't believe in the curse," a colleague told The Australian. Then in April, archaeologist Konrad Spindler, 55, who first inspected the prehistoric corpse, died of complications from multiple sclerosis.

The rumor of the curse began a year ago when the German tourist who discovered the mummy, Helmut Simon, 67, fell to his death during a freak blizzard while hiking near the same spot where he saw Oetzi through the ice. Fatally wounded, Oetzi appears to have leaned against his companion for support.

That a year-old man should die of natural causes would normally raise few eyebrows.

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The mountaineer who led Henn to the Iceman's body, Kurt Fritz, 52, died in an avalanche, the only one of his party to be hit.

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30 Interesting Facts About The Ice Mummy and Ötzi Curse