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Concern about this underlying disagreement led the committee to three observations.

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Lucknow: Yash Publishers; That is, what is the chance that a young woman would become pregnant as a teenager? The need to engage males in reproductive health issues is also underscored by the material reviewed in chapter 7 on violence and nonconsensual sex as contributors to unintended pregnancy.

One other comment should be made.

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Another form of teenage pregnancy prevention that is being taught in schools is various contraceptive techniques. The committee was impressed by the material suggesting that one of the main information and education sources in the nation—the media—is not helping in the task of conveying accurate, balanced information regarding contraception and sexual behavior, and too often highlights the risks rather than the benefits of contraception.

Given all of the public concern about teenage pregnancy, nonmarital childbearing, AIDS, and high-risk sexual behavior, it is quite remarkable that, even using fairly flexible inclusion criteria, the committee was able to identify fewer than 25 programs whose effects on unintended pregnancy, broadly defined, had been carefully evaluated.

Evaluation of Berhane Hewan: A program to delay child marriage in rural Ethiopia.

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Material should also explain the value of using a condom and a female contraceptive method simultaneously to reduce the risk of both unintended pregnancy and contracting an STD. Low-certainty evidence suggests that early ultrasound may make little or no difference to perinatal mortality 10 trials, 35 births; RR: 0.

The first part of this recommendation addresses the need for contraceptive services to be covered more adequately by health insurance, as is increasingly the case for such other preventive intervention as immunizations.

Moreover, there is no question that these programs help to finance contraceptive services for many women and some menthe principal means by which unintended pregnancy is prevented.

Benefits of preventing teenage pregnancy

Baird S, et al. Whatever the current antagonism to Medicaid and Title X, including suggestions that both be either severely reduced or even eliminated, the important role that they have performed in supporting contraceptive care and related services must be recognized. Designing and evaluating these programs will be assisted by better and more plentiful state and local data on unintended pregnancy. However, low-certainty evidence suggests that early ultrasound may lead to a reduction in induction of labour for post-term pregnancy 8 trials, 25 women; RR: 0. However, stakeholders should consider offering a late ultrasound scan to pregnant women who have not had an early ultrasound scan, for the purposes of identifying the number of fetuses, presentation and placental location. Although the purpose of sex can be though of as only for reproduction by some, it cannot be narrowed down to just having sex to have children for everyone. However, if women are expected to pay for ultrasound scans, or if scans are not available to women living in rural areas due to feasibility issues, this intervention could perpetuate inequalities.

Youth reproductive health in Nepal: is participation the answer? Moreover, the clinical guidelines developed by the program, especially its protocols for annual visits, have helped to set a standard of care for both public and private gynecologic services.

Recommendations to prevent teenage pregnancy

Care should be taken to discuss all available forms of contraception, including emergency contraception as well as such longer-acting, coitus-independent methods as intrauterine devices and hormonal implants and injections. Third, it is critically important that officials at all levels of government and public life not misinterpret or over-react to opposition regarding the strategies to reduce unintended pregnancy that are articulated in this report. Mathur S, et al. Accurate gestational age dating is critical for the appropriate delivery of time-sensitive interventions in pregnancy, as well as management of pregnancy complications, particularly pre-eclampsia and preterm birth, which are major causes of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality in LMICs, and early ultrasound is useful for this purpose. The fifth and final prong of the recommended campaign emphasizes research. Providing new opportunities to adolescent girls in socially conservative settings: the Ishraq program in rural Upper Egypt. Some advocate punitive approaches in order to force boys and men to "act responsibly," whereas others are convinced that carrots, not sticks, are needed. New York: Population Council; The media should present accurate material on the risks and benefits including the non-contraceptive benefits of contraception and should broaden messages about preventing STDs to include preventing unintended pregnancy as well. Condoms, the most accessible form of contraception, provide valuable protection against STDs but must be accompanied by other contraceptive methods preferably those that require a prescription to afford maximum protection against unintended pregnancy. In addition, there will still probably be some couples who take the risk of using no contraception at all for a period of time, despite having no clear desire Page Share Cite Suggested Citation:"Conclusions and Recommendations. Instruction on contraception should include specific information on where to obtain contraceptives, how much they cost, and where to receive subsidized care if expense is a problem. The committee recommends that all U. First, the polarizing arguments about sexual activity have obscured common goals that many share, such as the desirability of all children being born into welcoming families who have planned for them and celebrate their arrival. The more information teenagers are given on the subject, the higher the chances that they will make this decision.
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What Can We Do to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?