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While Pangloss' logic may be confusing, no where in this statement do I see him saying anything heretical.

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At a first glance it would appear to be simply a story blessed with outrageous creativity, but if you look deeper in to the novel, a more complicated and meaningful message is buried within. While on a ship, the three exchanged stories of their adventures and the troubles that they had faced. Voltaire attacked this custom with his description of the kindness of an Anabaptist by the name of James. He accuses Pangloss of not believing in Original Sin. Candide became guilty by association. Voltaire spoke of this religion to show how the clergy were unnecessary and sometimes even harmful, and how a simple religion might benefit Europeans better. Voltaire utilizes statements like this prove how ridiculously illogical it seems to carry this doctrine. I think this is a noteworthy topic and since we didn't mention it in class, what better place to start a discussion than my ePortfolio? We spent a great deal of time discussing how different philosophical views were portrayed in Candide, but we didn't discuss how Voltaire portrayed religion. Voltaire filled his novel, Candide, with attacks and criticisms on religion. With many natural theists soon to follow his path, Voltaire expressed his hatred for cultural religions, opting for a universal God of nature. He attacked religious prejudices by showing an example in which they falsely judged people, he attacked the corruption of the clergy by writing about the daughter of a wealthy pope, and he attacked the complexity of religion by showing the benefits of a simpler religion. Furthermore, it seems like the Inquisition is searching for people to persecute.

One of Voltaire 's most famous works, it also functioned to reflect Voltaire 's opinions. Most particularly, he criticizes violent government behaviour ie; war and the behaviour of members of the aristocracy, who constituted the bulk of high ranking government and religious leaders Three examples of this notion that are expressed in Candide are as follows.

The only way to be truly content in life is through hard work and diligence. From these observations, I can confidently say that Voltaire had little respect for religious authorities.

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Thereby, Voltaire uses his character to poke fun at the foolishness of optimism. Her research interests are in exploring the intersection between historical and social identities and delivery of healthcare.

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Candide became guilty by association. He is told from is mentor Pangloss, that everything is always of the best in their best of all possible worlds.

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Hypocrisy of Religion in Voltaire's Candide