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Cesare first worked in iron mines, then opened a grocery store and saloon in Virginia, Minn. The two were founders and major benefactors behind the museum Copiawhich opened November in the city of Napa, California.

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He is survived by his wife and children as well as his brother, Peter, and nine grandchildren. Mondavi began fighting for his corporate life. For all the family strife he had known, there was one bittersweet moment late in Mr. After graduating from Stanford University, Robert, on the advice of his father, who believed that the California wine industry had a future following the repeal of Prohibition, plunged headfirst into learning viticulture and enology. The family business that was once eponymous with Napa Valley was all but gone. But if pressed to pick one that has truly changed Napa Valley, no one would argue the name Robert Mondavi. The legendary vintner who became the face of Napa Valley and of American wine to the world died May 16, It was the largest private contribution to UC Davis. Alexis introduced Robert to the five best wines of Bordeaux, France. Robert became a football star at Lodi Union High School, played rugby at Stanford, and married his high school sweetheart, Marjorie Declusin. Then the economy turned in He convinced his initially reluctant father to buy it, and for the next 23 years Robert and Peter ran the winery. In , the local Italian-American community selected Cesare to go to California, in order to buy grapes and ship them back home. The winery bearing Mondavi's name produced high quality wine in the California mission style.

Robert went on to win lifetime achievement awards, such as Winemaker of the Year by the American Wine Society, was inducted into the California Hall of Fame and even carried the Olympic torch in at age of Cesare later became a part owner. Now many marketing pros claim that producing a lower-end product taints the overall brand.

Mondavi married Margrit Biever, a Swiss-born, multilingual woman who had worked at the winery. Robert Gerald Mondavi was born in Virginia, Minnesota.

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In the s, the Mondavi empire began to unravel. There are so many things we can learn from his life — things to do and things not to do.

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Subsequently, Mondavi started his own winery in Oakville, California , and set out to create wines that could compete with fine French wines [4] The Robert Mondavi Winery is located on Highway 29 between Oakville and Rutherford though its corporate headquarters are in nearby St. His second wife, Margrit, also instilled the notion in him that food and wine and art should all be one. Michael Mondavi, the eldest, was in charge of the sales and marketing for Robert, while Tim was the winemaker. He convinced his initially reluctant father to buy it, and for the next 23 years Robert and Peter ran the winery. In , his partners, who held a majority interest, sold their stake to the Rainier Brewing Company of Seattle, giving the beer maker 7 percent of the winery and all of its vineyards. Robert selected Cliff May to design the winery building, which opened in and is now considered an architectural icon in the Napa Valley, [5] with an expansive entryway arch and bell tower. In , at the age of 67, he married Margrit Kellenberger Biever Mondavi , a Swiss-born, and multilingual woman who worked at the Robert Mondavi winery.

He convinced his father to eventually buy the Charles Krug Winery, which is where Robert and his siblings would grow up, ultimately split up and lead Robert to open his namesake winery in He pushed Napa Valley to up its standards and compete with the world.

InRobert Mondavi left the family winery after a feud with his younger brother Peter over the business direction of the Krug Winery.

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Robert Mondavi: Life of a Legend