Sales force management essay

Provide targets that are believed to be attainable yet provide a challenge to salespersons.

Objectives of sales management

Expert Business Source. Managers should give rewards that are valued and attempt to sell the worth of those rewards to salespeople. Some of them are strictly money oriented. Qualitative measures of performance Sales skills: Questioning, making presentation Customer relationships: How much confidence do customers have in the salesperson? Quantitative measures of performance Output criteria: Sales revenue, profits generated, sales per active account, number of new accounts opened. The customer does not need to deal with too many people, but there should be enough staff available in case one person is not on hand. In the past, we have known to associate SF with aggressive selling, as that was their main approach in obtaining revenue for many companies. Be willing to increase responsibility of salespersons. Who Benefits from Sales Management? There may be perceived injustice if higher performance salespeople are not paid more than low achieving ones. Advertising is the most common method of communication.

This is a timed quiz with 45 minutes to complete. They try to maintain their standard of living by earning a predetermined amount of money. Conclusion Team selling dominates the marketplace today. In both these books the authors reveal a number of challenges that are faced by sales staff who employ direct selling methods.

Design of application form It allows sales managers to check if the applicant is qualified in the light of personnel specifications. Greater incentives lead to greater inspiration.

Incentives are designed to motivate salespeople to perform to higher than usual levels and provide rewards. Also, sales managers can work with a content team to develop content marketing material, or articles that build value around their product or service. Overall, sales management will help businesses and their workers better understand results, predict future performance, and develop a sense of control by covering the following three aspects.

importance of sales force management

To gain commitment to targets, individual salespersons should be consulted.

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Steps in Management of the Sales Force