Saving forests essay

Forests serve as a source of different types of woods.

Saving forests essay

The tenurial status of such forests varies widely. Forest Survey of India FSI using remote sensing technology assesses the forest cover of the country biannually. Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra are among the states that have the largest forest cover in India.

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Young and immature trees should not be felled as far as possible. They are a factory of oxygen and various other very important natural resources.

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In the North-east areas of India, where the land is kept barren after cutting the crops. Most of the forests are concentrated in a few states viz. Most of the wood produced in India is obtained from the forest reserves. Strong public opinion should be created against deforestation. The growth of pines, firs, hemlocks and spruces is a common sight here. Forest plantations comprise a vital part of the forest resources. Top Forests in India India is known to encompass several lush green forests. From to metres there is a belt of the sub-tropical forests of which the sal is the typical tree. Such forests will include areas having trees, scrub, grasslands, wetlands, water bodies, deserts, glaciers, geomorphic features or any other area fulfilling the functions of a forest. It also involves the reversal of deforestation and environmental pollution. Like instead of using wood for the frames of new houses, use metal frames.

It was on this day when we got all the paramount rights on our nation. West of the great band of the Ganga at Rajmahal, the indigenous vegetation is that of a dry country. Essay on the Importance of Forests.

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Not only is the forest area proportionately smaller in India but it is also unevenly distributed. The Reserved Forest is an area notified under the Indian Forest Act or a State Forest Act enjoying a higher degree of protection human activities are prohibited unless expressly permittedProtected Forests are also notified under the Forest Acts but the restrictions are less stringent human activities are permitted unless expressly prohibited.

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Most of the forests are concentrated in a few states viz. Only These products are derived from the resinous material exuded from coniferous trees, which is collected or systematically tapped, and processed in a variety of ways. You may also like. Canopy This is formed when a large number of branches, twigs and leaves of huge trees intertwine. Conclusion Forests are a boon for the mankind. Corruption has become a part of life. Land rights to forests declared to be Reserved forests or Protected forests are typically acquired if not already owned and owned by the Government of India. It is also known for the Padam Talao Lake that grows abundance of water lilies. They also absorb other greenhouse gases that are harmful for the atmosphere. Essay on the Forest Resources in India: Forest Resources in India relate to the distinctive topography, terrain, wildlife, climate and vegetation of the country. Areas at a height of 3, metres and over above seas level contain alpine vegetation. Conifers occupy large part of these forests. They receive plenty of rainfall all round the year but still the temperature here is high as these are located near the equator. At many locations, these non-wooded forests are social forests and cultivated with the human aid, as in the Western Ghats of Kerala and Karnataka where rubber, spice and coffee plantations abound.

Statistics reveal that around half of the forests around the world have been destroyed ever since the evolution of the industrial age.

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Importance of Forests