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Variety-seeking buyer behavior — requires marketers to provide a lot of options within their range so it reduces the likelihood of the customer switching to another provider.

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Technological factors are changing the nature of the airline business and increasingly becoming fundamental to every aspect of Singapore Airlines operations. By using this knowledge about its environment and customers SIA is able to forecast movements in market share and customer preferences and thus be in a better position of understanding consumption patterns and market trends; adapt to the changing needs and wants of its target markets; establish an opportunity to innovate and develop competitive advantages; improve segmentation, targeting, positioning and strategy planning.

Many countries adopt regulatory measures in order to safeguard their home city airline industry so that they limit the extent of cross border cooperation between SIA.

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At business level strategy, SIA has managed to provide more quality services to very demanding consumers to achieve their differentiation, and improve its cost-effective service excellently to capture more new customers. Natural disasters like with other countries by signing 2. Promoting SIA's destinations routes to new markets. Competition in the Australia-Asia market is heating up as Qantas repositions its Singapore operation to focus on Asia. Key issues that threaten Singapore Airlines in the present market is been identified in this report and it is found that it is been affected and complicated by government regulations and global laws. Expensive ticketing prices. Singapore Airlines should be aware of demographics changes as the structure of the population by ages, wealth, regions, and numbers of working and so on which can have an important bearing on demand as a whole and on demand for particular products and services. However it is finding hard to establish itself in the Australian and American continent which is currently dominated by several large players. On the website, the customers could check their schedules, buy the tickets, check into a flight, and also could manage their Krisflyer account, find out latest promotion information, and even the first-class and business-class customers could choose their meals for the next flight. Consumer behaviour is however complex and dynamic because different products are bought differently and as a result of different thinking. This depends upon how well the two airlines share a common factor of production, operation from the same airport, sharing facilities and labor. North America.

Internal analysis is carried out by performing BCG matrix. Third, SIA places importance on the face-to-face interaction between cabin staff and passengers. Demographics — segmenting on the basis of customer factual characteristics such as age, gender, income etc.

SIA also introduces innovations and tracks competitor progress closely. The Australian Journal of Business and Informatics. The frequent flyer program and lounge services further add value to their level of satisfaction.

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Increasing consumers to 2. This tool developed by Ansoff allows SIA to scope out its strategic business options. Consumer behaviour is however complex and dynamic because different products are bought differently and as a result of different thinking. The airline has also established and captured major markets in its Kangaroo Route, flying international traffic into and out of Australia13 and since , frequent flights between Bangkok and Tokyo Passengers can stay miles away and can call or make purchases from any of its partners worldwide. For example, SIA provides a variety of options in cabin classes, catering, in-flight entertainment, flight destinations and even for budget-conscious customers, an option with their Low-Cost Airline, Tiger Airways. Supplier power in the airline industry is boosted by the presence of a duopoly upstream.
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