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Applying To apply to the Honors Program in Sociology, you must: be a sociology major, have at least a 3.

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Some of my most poignant learning experiences at UCLA were during my Honors year, such as conducting observations at the Westwood farmer's market, and doing a life-history interview. The examining committee will determine if honors will be awarded.

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Applications are due during fall semester of your junior year, and the required three course sequence SOC , , and ; previously numbered at the level begins the next semester winter. The first semester of thesis work is typically focused on reading the relevant sociological literature, developing a set of research questions for the thesis, and planning for data collection or analysis. Professor Berend offers crucial guidance throughout the process and is very committed to being there when you need her, but the program is ultimately about conducting independent research. Later in the term, you will focus more specifically on the tasks needed to develop your individual research plan and write a research prospectus. The student will be notified by the end of February regarding approval of their initial project proposal and whether or not they will be allowed to pursue an Honors project in the department. The first few weeks of the course are an introduction to the range of topics in sociology and the methods of research strategies. Now, after practicing law for several years, I find myself back in an academic environment - this time working on a PhD. During the second semester of thesis work, students often revise and expand their earlier draft to include consideration of additional literature. To celebrate his commitment to sociology and scholarship, the department annually awards the Robert Cooley Angell Award to the writer of the best honors thesis in sociology. In addition, for students considering graduate school, conducting an Honors Thesis provides them with a significant advantage, making them stand out among other applicants. I also learned how to talk to people about their lives through in-depth interviewing. Please return your application to the main sociology department office Ketchum

I actually had the chance to pick a topic of interest and spend over a year developing a novel piece of scholarship.

The honors thesis program offers an enhanced academic experience for talented undergraduates.

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Please return your application to the main sociology department office Ketchum I am in the process of completing my dissertation at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, examining psychotherapeutic expertise with the ethnographic sensibility I acquired during my time as an Honors student.

But, because some senior thesis ideas are still in development during the summer between the junior and senior years, the application form can be turned in at the beginning of the first semester of the senior year.

By the application deadline you must: 1.

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Quick guide calendar: Fall semester junior year meet with advisor January of junior year submit initial thesis project proposal End of fall semester senior year submit and defend formal proposal Spring of senior year defend thesis See Charles Center website for official thesis submission and defense deadlines. My experience in the field conducting interviews and participating in a Zen Sangha as well as my exploration of the relevant literature, gave me an in depth perspective that I would have otherwise never attained. In order to be able to pursue Senior Honors in Sociology a student must: Have a 3. Sociology Data Collection and Analysis In SOC , you work directly with a faculty mentor, but the honors coordinator retains a partial mentoring relationship, meeting frequently with the honors students. You will collect research data and begin its initial analysis. Over the past several years, honors thesis students in sociology have immensely benefitted from the support provided by CSCU. Have agreement of a faculty member to serve as the advisor for your thesis. One copy will remain in the Department, one copy will be given to the thesis advisor, and one copy will be given to the student. Food will be provided! Successful candidates will be notified by the end of April. It allowed me to do research in a subject that was dear to my heart, and appreciate the hard work of researchers. It provided me the necessary training and guidance to develop my own original ideas and eventually write an award winning honors thesis. Writing an honors thesis provides a taste of graduate school — honors students conduct their first original, in-depth research project under the guidance of a faculty member.

There are multiple benefits associated with conducting an Honors Thesis.

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