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Access to some of the opportunities and benefits available to graduate students e. The ability to work one-on-one with a faculty supervisor.

My hope is that this research will highlight the value of participating in CEL for undergraduate sociology students and guide students and instructors in what is important in creating successful CEL experiences.

Quigley, Lisa The change in our perceptions of parenting only occurred over the last half of the 20th century. Thus far, literature on such portrayals on the small and silver screens has taken a general survey of men Please make sure that you leave enough credit space to be registered in SOCI Simmel argues that Program of study To proceed to honours, students normally are expected to have: Learning outcomes Following successful completion of a major in Sociology students will be able to: identify how established and emergent structural factors shape the social world comprehend rapid social changes and the ways these are understood by competing sociological approaches appreciate recent societal developments relating to social class, ethnicity, gender, capitalism, nationalism and globalisation.

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Edwards, Brooke Friendship is a socially constructed phenomenon that is part of the everyday lives of human beings. Many Canadian children of all backgrounds play hockey.

In the honours program, you will write a graduating essay under the supervision of a faculty member. MacKenzie, Taylor Sexual assault on university campuses remains a pervasive issue, with Dalhousie University being no exception.

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Sociology and Social Anthropology Honours Theses