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What happened in the parking lot? The lawyers also plan to argue that the Pinellas County sheriff, himself a former lawyer, should have been allowed to testify about why he declined to charge Mr. He was acquitted when a jury found he was justified in pulling the trigger. He said it is difficult to extrapolate from one case, but that it may indicate that years of attention to the self-defense statute have made juries less sympathetic to defendants claiming protection under it. Before passage of the law, Miami police chief John F. He did not testify in the trial, and the six-person jury deliberated for about six hours before reaching a verdict on Friday. Outside "castle areas" there is no duty to retreat if confronted with a weapon. He also served as an editor on the International Desk. Poland[ edit ] Stand your ground law applies to any kind of threat that endangers victim's safety, health or risk by an attacker.

In the video, which was shown at the trial, it is clear Mr. In a July 16, speech in the wake of the jury verdict acquitting George Zimmerman of charges stemming from the shooting death of Trayvon MartinAttorney General Eric Holder criticized stand-your-ground laws as "senselessly expand[ing] the concept of self-defense and sow[ing] dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.

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I don't pay much attention to it to tell you the truth. The six jurors had to decide whether Mr. Lock him up, or give up your badge.

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ORS [7] Use of force justifiable in a range of scenarios without a duty to retreat specified. He also served as an editor on the International Desk.

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During trial, the lawyers argued that Mr. Victims who justifiably use force to defend themselves under the provisions of the law are immune from civil liability for any injuries sustained by the attacker during the incident. Zimmerman argued that he acted in self-defense but did not offer a Stand Your Ground case. Retrieved April 15, States that have adopted stand-your-ground, but limit it to only when a person is within their vehicle, are North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Sometimes this has been the result of court rulings that one need not retreat in a place where one has a special right to be. In the video, which was shown at the trial, it is clear Mr. On July 19, , Mr. I don't pay much attention to it to tell you the truth. Representatives Charlie Crist and Alcee Hastings , who both represent Florida in the 13th district and 20th district , respectively. The Florida Legislature. Kenneth Nunn, a law professor at the University of Florida who has criticized the Stand Your Ground provision, said he was surprised by the guilty verdict. Sandoval that the law "sets out a specific set of circumstances that justify a person's use of deadly force that the person reasonably believes that another person is using or about to use deadly force against him or her and does not interpose any additional requirement including a requirement that there be no means of escape. It would not be necessary for me to do so if he took care of his own, and until he does I will keep coming to Clearwater. Other states apply what is known as the castle doctrine , whereby a threatened person need not retreat within his or her own dwelling or place of work.

They also noted that the total number of shootings in the FBI dataset of black victims by whites was

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