Substance abuse and intimate partner violence

intimate partner violence and alcohol

Substance use may be involved in sexual abuse in various ways, including: Using substances such as date-rape drugs to facilitate sexual assault Using drugs or alcohol prior to abuse Using substances to cope with the aftermath of a sexual assault Sexual abuse and substance use attract a lot of stigma, which may create problems for individuals suffering from both.

For example, Stuart et al. Referral to domestic violence intervention programs As previously noted, it could be argued that a reasonable approach would be to train substance abuse treatment programs to assess and accurately identify incoming patients who have engaged in IPV and then refer those patients to domestic violence intervention programs.

substance abuse and domestic violence presentation

However, there are three fundamental problems with this strategy. Treatment for partner abuse: Time for a paradigm shift.

Couples participating in these studies were interested in remaining together and were willing to engage in conjoint therapy; as such, these dyads may be dissimilar from couples in which partners are entering domestic violence programs. Treating difficult couples: Helping clients with coexisting mental and relationship disorders.

New Brunswick, NJTransaction; As an example, suppose a violent male completes a domestic violence program.

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Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence