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In the early years, a lot of efforts have been put into the promotion of the bread, but once consumers have accepted it they will be loyalty to the product.

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Yet, we get to know in our interview that Gardenia did not compete by using their price, they make customer feel worth by providing bread with high quality. Marketing Research Gardenia prides itself in being the leader in its field by introducing several firsts in the bread industry. We as a group are going to produce a strategic marketing plan for L'Oreal. High 5 bread is freshly baked everyday from state-of-the-art single largest stand-alone bakery line in ASEAN using a unique European Recipe that makes your favorite bread softer, tastier and healthier. Gardenia breads also packed in colourful and informative packaging displayed in an upright fashion unlike the conventional flat display. However, the company should more concern about the proportion of the net income gained by its sales which had declined from 7. Gardenia Delicia Butterscotch? On the other hand, behemoth conglomerates like San Miguel Group,Gokongwei Group, or similar group that has the financial capability to develop and distribute products to compete head-to-head with Gardenia should also be considered. High 5 cares to give you the best in bread, beginning with our Unique European Recipe, so from taste to texture, consumer can tell the difference in every bite. Gardenia Breakthru Formula Mutliwholegrain Fibremeal? Shanghai is the most populated city in China located on the eastern part of China on the water. Objective 3: Fulfill customers satisfaction Gardenia should always alert the latest the changes of the product in the market. High 5 breads are made from the finest selected ingredients and baked to a unique European recipe, High 5 has the balance of 5 main nutrients with no artificial preservatives that our body needs that give us the energy, growth and good health to live a full life. For example, they try to eat food less salt, sugar and oil to keep them healthy. As we know, the demographic environment involves people, who play an important role in making up the markets.

With an extensive distribution network, Gardenia delivers everyday, seven days a week. Television advertising offers the advantages of mass coverage, powerful impact on viewers, repetition of messages, flexibility and prestige.

Its start its bread delivering operation at 4 a.

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It is suggested that Gardenia perform online marketing and publish their advertisement through online networking. For instance, they can consider distributing their breads and cakes to East Malaysia. Upstream partners are the set of firms that supply the raw materials, components, parts, information, finances, and expertise in order to create a product. Gardenia Delicia Soft Roll flavors : milky chocolate, coffee cinnamon, butter toffee and black sesame? This chapter includes the basic consideration concerning the organization of the feasibility study. Shanghai is the most populated city in China located on the eastern part of China on the water. Market Needs Gardenia has produced a lot of kinds of breads such as the latest one-Butterscotch, Breakthru, Delicia, Twiggies and many others. While busy with life, Gardenia is always standby to provide a convenient and healthy meal.

Therefore, Gardenia has come out with Gardenia Breakthru, a health-conscious product. This chapter includes the basic consideration concerning the organization of the feasibility study. The following are the products that produce by Gardenia:?

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They will watch for these key terms and know what they mean. Not only would it create jobs, this strategy would also allow Gardenia to minimize intermediaries, enabling better inventory and logistics control.

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