The importance of life is the impact you have on others

All of the success that you will ever achieve in life is based the effect you have on others. As a blogger or an author, the ultimate test of how many people enjoy your writing or subscribe to your email list is how much value you contribute to the lives of your readers.

I cover career, executive and personal growth, leadership and women's issues. Finally, leaders who are skilled at influencing others recognize and cultivate the power of networks.

how does kindness affect the world

This usually makes it worse, of course. The goal is to influence others, not manipulate them. How you are viewed, in turn, changes the way you are treated e. Promote Yourself, Promote the Organization. I laughed, thought, and cried all in the last hour fairfieldleaders THANK YOU RyanEstis — Stacy Wells swellssss Mayo 27, I know that my growth, personally and professionally, is directly related to the impact I have helping others make progress toward achieving their own potential.

why is kindness important

They engage in open dialogue and welcome scrutiny.

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