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There were 13 filming locations altogether. Together this ensemble of rare acting talent gives The Last Samurai both depth and wings.

He is displeased with Mr. Perhaps not. Algren confides in his journal that he has never felt entirely at peace until he came to live among Katsumoto and his people.

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The Meiji transformation of Japan is one of the most dramatic social and economic periods in modern history, and it ties directly to some of the most important turning points and processes of the twentieth century and present.

He was born Sachi no Miya Prince Sachi on November 3,and as Japan's nd heir to the imperial throne, Emperor Meiji led Japan from the oppression of feudalism into the 20th century. The Shimazu family which ruled Satsuma did originate in the 11th or 12th century, but Saigo Takamori wasn't a Shimazu.

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The Last Samurai