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This analysis looks to find the meaning and significance behind the words being used. It will be proven time and time again that I indeed was not only a member but also a valuable asset to this community.

Therefore Rousseau is not suggesting the legislator eliminates the human tendency to distinguish themselves from one another, but ensure the particular wills of these distinguished groups fit the General Will.

The General Will could put an end to this, but Rousseau recommends that it does not instead suggesting the taxation of luxury goods as a solution Coleallowing humans to continue distinguishing themselves from each other in terms of property.

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Throughout POLISean assigned each student a day in which they lead discussion on articles they sent out for the class to read. People should follow the General Will as a priority but they will often stray and follow the particular, because it is in their own interest Cole p Just recently, my life was too hard to stand, so I decided to kneel, and within that time, I was directed towards an organization known as Cru.

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The General Will allows members of a society to work together to achieve some common interests, set by a legislator.

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