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Management has to find an effective way of motivate not only themselves, but more to motivate their employees, therefore management has to take into account theories and has to consider the differences in personality of its workforce, to imply a successful motivation program. From the work performance perspective, motivation has been known to be a basic tool for improving productivity at the workplace.

Desire by every human being to live happily forces one strive for it day-by-day all throughout the entire life because people detest sadness in life. Theory X is a concept of employee motivation in a way relevant to the scientific management approach mentioned earlier.

Another aspect of happiness from labor is the non-monetary incentives the environment that is being worked in. However, there are barriers to this method which include lack of employee training, distrust of management on the part of workers and poor communication between management and employees.

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This work is usually performed in pairs or sometimes by an officer working alone. A total of officers responded to the questionnaire from the sample population of This help increase motivation as employees have more task variety and more job control.

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This theory is exercised with employees when they compare themselves with friends or co-workers and according to the results, they attempt to equalize by for example, increasing or decreasing output. Motivation therefore serves as the basic tool at the workplace for managers so as to ensure efficient alignment of aims, values and purpose especially among employees in any organization. Extrinsic motivation is always connected with the financial sector, no matter if a company pays a higher salary or pays for a company car or even a vacation for the whole family, which, in turn shows that an extrinsic person only works for the personal life because none of the mentioned examples relate in the end to the job or work environment itself. People need income to pay their bills, feel that they have a role in society and also feel a sense of achievement. These approaches seem to influence the outcome of a single, several or even all of the fundamental elements of motivation. Because of this reason, an extensive evaluation of various approaches which have been applied differently by a varied number of managers at different work environment to enhance achieving success. When this method is implemented correctly, the employees in those work teams have higher morale, increased productivity and sometimes innovation. Highlighting the above-mentioned theories may give a good base for comparison with the more modern methods to studying motivation.

It assumes that employees dislike work and will function only in a highly controlled work environment. The instrument is an expanded version of an instrument previously used in doctoral studies to identify sources of police motivation Holden, ; Chiou, Part-time work and Job sharing F.

This means that employees are motivated to work and produce more for their own benefit at the end.

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The motivators, according to Herzberg, refer directly to the topic work, contrariwise to the dissatisfiers, which concentrate on life itself.

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An identification of factors influencing police workplace motivation