Volleyball rules

When one player is ready to serve, some teams will line up their other five players in a screen to obscure the view of the receiving team.

volleyball rules and positions

By far the most popular of these is beach volleyballwhich is played on sand with two people per team, and rivals the main sport in popularity.

The international 4—2 translates more easily into other forms of offense. Most often, the situation involves a team using a right side player with a big block who must be subbed out in the back row because they aren't able to effectively play back court defense.

Inan award-winning documentary was produced for the sport of 9-man, and a YouTube documentary was made for the sport in Winning the Game To win the game you must score more points than your opponents.

Volleyball rules and regulations with pictures

Scoring Scoring in volleyball is pretty simple, but it also has changed over time. Liberos are defensive players who are responsible for receiving the attack or serve. Back-row attacks generally come from the back-right position, known as zone 1, but are increasingly performed from back-center in high-level play. If any part of the ball hits the line, the ball is counted as in the court. Coaching Basic Coaching for volleyball can be classified under two main categories: match coaching and developmental coaching. Playing the Game - Volley The ball can be played off the net during a volley or serve. This means that the blocker who would otherwise not have to block the setter is engaged and may allow one of the hitters to have an easier attack. In case of a serving error, a second try was allowed. Each team gets up to two timeouts per set of 30 seconds each.

You can also score a point by your opponent failing to hit the outlined section within your half or your opponent hitting the ball into the net. The player serving the ball must stand behind the end line or restraining line at the back of the court until after they have contacted the volleyball.

Games are played out in best of 3 or 5 sets and the team with most sets at the end of the game wins.

volleyball serving rules

The opposite hitter may be used as a third attack option back-row attack when the setter is in the front row: this is the normal option used to increase the attack capabilities of modern volleyball teams. Scoring To score a point the ball must hit the ground within the outlined section in your opponents half.

Volleyball rules

Two others, in the back-row positions, are preparing for defense. Inaccurate first passes usually result in a set to the outside hitter rather than middle or opposite. The ball cannot travel under the net. If a ball comes in contact with the line, the ball is considered to be "in". The game continues, with the first team to score 25 points by a two-point margin awarded the set. Since the former allows for more control over the speed and direction of the ball, the bump is used only when the ball is so low it cannot be properly handled with fingertips, or in beach volleyball where rules regulating overhand setting are more stringent. Rally point scoring debuted in , [21] and games were played to 30 points through Offensive systems are the formations used by the offense to attempt to ground the ball into the opposing court or otherwise score points.
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Volleyball: Rules and Regulations