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Nearly all the students participated in nearly every activity -- student government, a literary or debating society, the newspaper or yearbook, the college orchestra or chorus, sports. The foot brig was built in Aberdeen as a full scale reproduction of the original Lady Washington that became the first American vessel to visit the West Coast of North America in under the command of Captain Robert Gray. The plans set off a spirited bidding contest among several small towns in the region, including Pullman, located in the Palouse wheat-ranching country near the border between Washington and Idaho. Despite its name, Washington Agricultural College was never devoted solely to training better farmers. Mount St. Format for the essays Content is important, but spelling, grammar and punctuation are also considered. If you are a re-applicant, describe what you have done since last applying to strengthen your candidacy for medical school.

The campaign to designate the orca as such was initiated by a second-grade class in Oak Harbor, Washington. Mount St.

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Please describe your professional preparation to date. Your strongest or most important connections to the state of Washington and the people who live here Your motivation to train as a physician and serve the communities of Washington Your goals as a physician, including your interests in practicing medicine in rural or underserved communities Other relevant considerations In addition to the autobiographical statement please answer the following 3 questions less than words each : Describe a difficult obstacle you have overcome. Sort By: Search 44 delegates who met in Monticello on November 25, reaffirmed the petition. It is home to some six million residents census estimate employed in a diverse economy dominated by aviation; software and other technological enterprises; wheat, apples, beans, and other agriculture; forest products; and fishing. Geological Survey Occupying most of central Washington, the Columbia basin is surrounded by the Cascades to the west, the Okanogan Highlands to the north, uplands to Idaho to the east, and the Blue Mountains to the southeast. Stevens as the first governor of an area that included northern Idaho and western Montana until President Abraham Lincoln established Idaho Territory on March 4, State Mollusk: No official designee, yet, but many favor the banana slug. It then migrates to saltwater where it spends most of its adult life. Many specimens of ancient cypress, oak, elm, and gingko trees were preserved through lava flows and infiltration with sand over millions of years, and a rich deposit of these fossils can be found in the Gingko Petrified Forest State Park near Vantage in the eastern part of the state. In keeping with its land-grant heritage, WSU has consistently blended the liberal arts and sciences with practical education and public service. The Washington Agricultural College football team, called the Farmers, played its first varsity game on November 10, , beating the University of Idaho at Moscow, Pullman also boasted good train service to Spokane, Washington, and to Portland, Oregon.

After coming out of a long hibernation that stretches from September to May, they can commonly be seen along Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.

NotePad, TextEdit and then copy and paste that text into the scholarship application. The Learning Community will be the location at which you will complete your clinical rotation experiences.

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Describe a time or situation where you have been unsuccessful or failed. Of the inaugural class, only 13 were admitted as freshmen to the college itself; the rest were relegated to a preparatory department -- a reflection of the fact that the state had few high schools or academies that could prepare students for college. Apparently inspired by a homily from then-President Holland about how students should be prepared to take control of their own lives, a group of students organized what they called the Student Liberty Association. It occupies 66, square miles , square kilometers between the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Idaho border at degrees longitude. The highest peaks of the Cascades have permanent glaciers. Brow of Spokane introduced a bill in to change the name to Washington State College. The students were the sons and daughters of farmers, laborers, and shopkeepers; many of them walked to campus from nearby farms. In , he convinced the Board of Regents to authorize a three-year School of Music. Suzzallo embraced this idea. State Mollusk: No official designee, yet, but many favor the banana slug. Describe the world you come from and how you, as a product of it, might add to the diversity of the UW. Med School Insiders does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page. State Grass: The native bluebunch wheatgrass Agropyron spicatum was named the official state grass in

Historian and journalist C. To put your best foot forward and maximize your chance of an interview invitation, visit our secondary application editing page. In wetter areas acidic soils support forests, but the driest regions east of the Cascades have sparse plant life and require irrigation for agriculture.

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Double-spacing, italics and other formatting will be lost, but this will not affect the evaluation of your application.

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