Water festival in myanmar

During the daytime there are many religious activities, including almsgiving and offerings, washing figures of Buddha and cleaning the temples. In major cities such as Yangon and MandalayRakhine Thingyan can also be experienced as Rakhine residents of the city celebrate in their own tradition.

Among Myanmar's 12 seasonal festivals throughout the year, the Thingyan water festival represents the grandest and brings peace and prosperity to everyone.

Padauk blooms only one day each year during Thingyan and is popularly known as the "Thingyan flower". Anyone can throw water to anyone whether they are friends or strangers.

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Myo Aung. Essential Tips for Traveling to Myanmar Traveling to Myanmar, you will realize that taxis are a bit expensive cause there is no meter. Sakra therefore ordained that the Brahma's head be carried by one princess devi after another taking turns for a year each.

In neighbourhoods pavilions with festive names and constructed from bamboo, wood and beautifully decorated papier mache, are assembled overnight. Take care to protect your skin in the heat.

Thingyan festival 2019

Individuals by and large begin water tossing simply after the 'Washing the Buddha' custom has finished. It is akin to rites of passage or coming of age ceremonies in other religions. If in Mon State, people often prepare a special dish from dried snakehead fish, onion, green mangoes, and beeswax, in Shan State, people observe three other traditional celebrations in the water festival. During this day, people eat a kind of traditional snack called mont lone yei baw glutinous rice balls with palm sugar. And you may need to make sure to keep your phones and cameras in waterproof cases. The opening ceremony was followed by the performances by the Myanmar traditional dancer troupes in colorful dresses with Thingyan music. This year's Myanmar traditional Thingyan water festival will run for four days until Sunday. Rakhine women ground sandalwood mixed with water on a flat stone to make scented water, to be used to wash Buddha statues on the first day of the festival.

Some would throw water at people late into the day making an excuse such as "Thagya Min left his pipe and has come back for it"!

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Feature: Water festival joyfully celebrated across Myanmar