What is your recommendation for the best leadership approach for the work environment you described

If you use this tactic, you can realize incredible results and experience massive organizational growth. Pros If your team is capable and motivated, this style can lead to greater productivity and a healthy sense of competition and accomplishment.

describe your management style in 3 words

If your time is limited or the quality of your output is more important than the happiness and well-being of your employees, then this style is not ideal. Find it in yourself, your leadership style s — and foster it in your team.

He had a clear plan for his company. The needs of your team. And at the end to review the outcome s of the team and provide advice or recommendations about how the team can do even better next time.

The best environment for authoritarian management typically includes a traditional culture, such as that commonly found in China and some other Asian countries. A servant leader is an excellent leadership style for organizations of any industry and size but is especially prevalent within nonprofits.

management styles theory
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6 Types of Management Styles for Effective Leadership