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This will allow you to practice using the subjunctive mood when necessary. Is it paella, pollo asado, or tamales?

See above.

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The more out there, the better! Then you can ask them in pairs to come up with their own examples.

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When students need more practice with this skill, I have them practice in a small group setting. To play, you first roll the word beginning die, and read the syllable.

You can avoid this somewhat by copying things down in your own words, rather than creating an exact textual replica of the content at hand. I described different phonological and phonemic awareness skills, and I suggested different activities for teaching these skills.

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First, we sing the song a couple of times over a period of several days. Keep reading to see how to do this! This game and all of the free materials in this post along with Spanish phonics freebies will be sent to you! Make sure that, at the end of this writing session, you choose some students from both sides to read their stories so they can compare how different the same story turns out according to the use of words. As much as I want you to get off the tech for a little while, apps are just too handy to ignore. Include elements in the style of that particular author. Speaking of conferences…before I get started sharing about our activities for the week, I want to share this awesome link with you: One of my classroom teacher friends at my building asked me if I had any tip sheets to help parents support their kids with reading. How to Prepare Your Keyboards for Spanish Writing Before we jump to the keyboards, depending on your system, you might need to install a foreign language package. On Tuesday, Marta ate worms and crickets for dinner. Research shows us that the benefits of handwriting are beyond question. Have a great Spanish writing project that we should all know about — let me know in the comments so I can add it to this post. Resources Gorman, B. This Spanish writing prompt is good practice for perfecting the imperfect and preterite tense, as well as refining your descriptive writing abilities in Spanish, since fairy tales often involve vivid description of interesting characters. The first person to cover all of his or her circles is the winner! Do you believe in astrological signs?
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25 Creative Writing Prompts to Practice Spanish