Why do i want to work here

Best Answers Key Takeaways Extensively research the company and its culture.

why do you want to work here accounting

Perhaps your answer for yourself looks like one of the following: I really hate my current job and this sounds at least a little less demanding.

Their community service?

why do i want to work here answers

Get prepared for your next job interview with our full lesson curriculum and interactive mock interview practice tool! Show your professionalism.

Keep reading to see what we mean! Make sure your reasons are specific to demonstrate you have done your research.

Why do i want to work here

Example 9 I first found your company several years ago, and I was inspired by the tone and style of your brand. This led to the implementation of improved payment administration policies. Or is it one of the only companies in the country which specialises in aviation law? Not only have you looked at their annual report since you have looked at their business model and financials, but you have also followed them on social media. Search company websites for mission statements, product and service information, principals' backgrounds, and contact information. Don't say that you just want a shorter commute or more flexibility or better vacation time. You've Always Wanted to Work There "I've always read your editor-in-chief's letter from the editor notes. Make sure your career goal is relevant to the job role. Giving back and volunteering is a significant part of my own personal values, and I remember feeling excited that a company values the community as much as I do. Is it just the paycheck? In a concise answer, they reveal that they are knowledgeable about the company and that this position suits their natural abilities. Explanation: By responding with the values that are important and demonstrating how those align with the company, this candidate is showing that they would be delighted and fulfilled working at this company.

They outlined why they are interested in the position. For example, some of these may apply: The responsibilities of the role align with your personal interests.

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If the company has a blog, take time to read a few articles and note the brand voice, topics covered and common themes. Bottom line: Companies like to hire people who will be good at the job — and enjoy what they do. Is it a job that, when review time comes around, your supervisor can see that you are not only motivatedbut a dedicated employee worthy of advancement and bonuses or are you like a prisoner…just marking time until you get out?

Remember, every job is a stepping stone to your next position and a job that offers you nothing more than money can be just as big a roadblock as no job.

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