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In , long-standing rivalries among European nations exploded into war. The text in this article is available under the Creative Commons License. It was fought primarily in Europe from the year to the year and lasted 4 years. With nearly the entire European continent fighting a barbaric and everlasting war, the U. The Western Front was a series of trenches running through Belgium. Despite their success, this capability was not maintained. Historical events help us to know the causes of certain past events, therefore, making the cause to entail long-term ideology events and actions. Britain, What Will You Do? World War one, as it is now called, cost millions of lives. A woman who was a nurse during the First World War, Edith Cavell, took a stand in history by using her skills for the better and helped allied service men escape from Belgium, which was occupied by Germany.

And so a comfortable consensus emerged and lasted all through the Second World War and beyond, by which time the Great War now known as the First World War had been overshadowed by an even deadlier conflict.

It started in the capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo. For example: the rivalry of countries, the alliances Triple Entente and Triple Alliancethe industries of Britain and Germany, Militarism, Rivalry and many more.

The war outbreak was greeted with great enthusiasm in Australia and other countries all over the world.

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Most wars leave a huge impact on the history of that nation, especialy if it involves more than one. Britain was choosing to keep out of all matters in Europe that didn 't concern them, this policy was called Splendid Isolation and for some time, it was very splendid for Britain, they were once the top for industrial and maritime industrial.

causes of world war 1 essay introduction

These reasons include giving answers to questions and shedding knowledge upon some particular patterns that may exist in war circumstances and giving an understanding on how and why they occur.

Two between France and Germany over Morocco and two between Austria - Hungary over the Balkans, but each time neither side felt strong enough to risk war.

causes of world war 1 essay
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The Main Cause of WW1 Essay