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There was just a problem, the man was her ex-husband. I didn't know you had a boyfriend! As the girl turned into a woman, she began to run. The glasses I'd dropped unnoticedly. The boy who lived in the countryside came home from university. Soon after, the light was so bright she closed her eyes. Surprinsingly, the met on the beach. Karen Lendermann 16 And the winner is … 17 The Beauty He looked at her as she walked slowly towards him. The husband went to bed and noticed six feet. The businessman was intrigued and had an idea. I'm getting changed! To support him with his studies, his parents sold all their cattle and led a very poor and simple life. There, she met an old partner.

At sun set we were extremely dirty and we didn't have a shower. At that moment a big truck overtook by her side and splashed her with water from a huge puddle.

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It should make a point, Have some drama or some political truth in it. I knew everything about his imminent plan to leave me.

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Suddenly, the pilot announced it was going to be a complicated flight. Oh, my God! Howard Zheng China , 12th June, When he said 'we' he was thinking about our friends Mum and dad looked pale and sick. He moved slowly, and incredibly, he collapsed onto the floor. They started a relationship and fell in love. It's extremely sweet! Wonderfully blue … He closed his eyes. Ishak Sulaiman Malaysia , 12th June Planning to study PhD in Law. Planning to study for an MSc Computer Science. Macher Pumprey 3 Priorities Intently I crafted my fifty words.

At the door, he found his family cold and cheerless. Sugar Dolls melt away when it rains.

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Another said "I'll start a fire". I have a boyfriend! There was just a problem, the man was her ex-husband.

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