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Reliability: The reliability of results processed by a computer is very high. In other words it can execute million instructions in one second.

Characteristics of computer consistency

Modern computers are becoming more and more user friendly i. A piece of information once recorded or stored in the computer, can never be forgotten and can be retrieved almost instantaneously. They can work endless at the same level of efficiency and productivity. Windows , Windows vista, Windows etc. Accuracy In addition to being fast, computers are also accurate. Binary number i. Normally, cycles of this clock are required to execute one instruction. Due to digital techniques the error is very small.

All the instructions are executed in accordance with a clock, whose frequency is measured in Mhz. The errors in computing may be due to logical mistakes by a programmer or due to inaccurate data.

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Virus requires a carrier while worms does this by itself. The size of information to be stored further increases due to graphic applications. This is also called main memory of the computer.

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Share Features of a Computer High speed, accuracy large storage capacity, high reliability and versatility are some of the important features of computers.

Apart from those outlined above, computer has some other features also.

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Features of a Computer